🌠 Brief

TrixZ is an All-In-One discord bot with the ability to power, entertain and look after your server 24/7 all by itself!

✨ Features

  • Logging system. Logs every action in the server.

  • Level system. Level logging also supported.

  • Welcome Logs with custom message options.

  • Auto-Mod features which look after your server 24/7.

  • Member-Count features which displays the member count of your server!

  • Invite Tracker which sends who invited the member to your server!

  • 28+ advanced music commands.

  • 20+ fun image commands!

  • 15+ command categories! (200+ commands)

  • Command list available here !

  • Many more and still growing!

💻 Technical Features

  • Fully secured SSH database, powered by AWS RDS.

  • Online 24/7, hosted on AWS EC2.

🤔 Not enough features?

Since I plan to add more commands to TrixZ, you can join the support server and give your own suggestion and it most probably will be added to TrixZ at the earliest!

🔗 Additional Links

In case you did not know already, TrixZ is developed and maintained by Videro. Special thanks to Maxys as most of the docs were made by her. She also helped me setting up the support server.

➕ Videro

You can connect with Videro on the following platforms! Its really appreciated!